Monday, December 22, 2008

Cheap Tragedies record release covers

  • Cheap Tragedies played a record release show last week. As with many things in hardcore, there were some delays that caused the records not to be ready. We knew better than to assume everything would go smoothly, so we had some additional test presses made up in the first batch. Since the initial plates turned out great, the band screened some covers for those test presses and made a special record release party version. Came out quite awesome as well, as you can see below. There's only 35 of these floating around, so consider yourself lucky if you got one! LP covers are shipping tomorrow, so the real thing will follow soon!


  • Monday, December 01, 2008

    unearthed Urban Waste photos! + Mach II 12"

  • Omid from Battletorn put out his latest release on Outlaw Recordings. It's a 12" by Clevo band Mach II which features Jamie Walters of Boulder/ Midnight fame, so you know it's quality. It'll be the band's debut output on vinyl and Omid opted to go for a "Livin' Easy" version of the record (as opposed to a "Die Hard" version). So what you get is a one-sided 12" with silk-screened covers, hand- numbered and labeled, with the band members' names etched into the B-Side. It's limited to 150 so pick that shit up stat if either of those two Cleveland shredders appeal to you. Contact Outlaw Recordings through their website.

  • John Dancy from Urban Waste recently found a bunch of photos from UW's heyday and the band posted them on their myspace page. This are some insane photos; I'll repost a few, but you'll want to direct yourself to the band's myspace page yourself to check them out. Now, if only they could come across a reel of unreleased songs recorded in 1982. Not likely to happen, but the pictures are pretty boss.

  • It's been an unfortunate while since I've posted anything in the way of interviews or anything like that on this blog. It's been busy times, but I'll hopefully have some stuff going up soon so check back from time to time.

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