Monday, January 05, 2009

Rapid Deployment Force on the tube, Urban Waste on the radio, Token Entry on a t-shirt

  • This one's been up on youtube for a few weeks and my attention was directed to it by a message board, so I won't pretend like I unearthed it, but it's certainly cool enough to share. File this in the "never thought something like this existed" category, it's a video of Rapid Deployment at CBGB's. (Someone should throw up an Anti-Warfare video next!!) Apparently, RDF drummer Phil is currently in the band the Blame and runs a recording studio too, so he's still at it. I've also heard, Rapid Deployment Force is playing a few more shows following the success of the A7 reunion show. Catch them if you're in the NYC area.

  • Check out some of the other youtube videos this fella (Phil from RDF perhaps?) has up, a couple of real gems up there including some New Rose footage and this one here of Victims of Society. Check out this show, with the people sitting down at tables.

    Another cool V.O.S. video is here.

  • A mysterious "NYHC Archive" website has popped up on the interwebs in recent weeks. Eliminators, Hinkley's Fan Club, and the Influence flyers on the "coming soon" page are any indication, this'll be well worth some serious internet-procrastination time. A little legwork has led me to determine some good people are behind it, including folks who reissued the Vile LP and another guy who did that painfully under-appreciated Prowl 7" I'm so damn fond of.

  • Leading up to the aforementioned A7 show, Johnny and Kenny from Urban Waste went on WFMU accompanied by, amongst other folks, Wendy Eager and Paul Cripple from Reagan Youth. The ensuing show hosted by Diane Kamikaze is a mighty fine mix of NYHC tunes and some great interview/ commentary. Check it out here because it's archived for your listening pleasure.

  • Finally, for those of you into your NYHC merchandise, check out the Token Entry re-print shirts we did with Ernie and Timmy Chunks for their reunion show. Those sold out immediately at the show in Asbury Park this December, but we're printing up some more this January. Direct yourself to the MATW webstore if you want to snag one up.

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