Monday, September 22, 2008

Cheap Tragedies LP coming soon!!

All right people, it's coming soon. Here's a little sneak peak at the cover and a nice little description for you. Heads will roll....

Cheap Tragedies- Volume 1: Souvenirs and Evidence LP COMING SOON
Following hot on the heels of 7"s on Livewire Records and High Anxiety 416/ No Idea Records, Cheap Tragedies wastes no time in dropping an absolute rager of an LP. Comprised of some well-seasoned clevo vets, including a maniacal Tony Erba delivering his best vocal performance ever, they tear through 12 tracks of amped up, hardcore punk rock n roll on their debut Volume 1: Souvenirs and Evidence the way only Cleveland miscreants can. Recorded by Bill Korecky at Mars Studio (Face Value, Integrity, 9 Shocks Terror, Terror, etc), the sound is incendiary and justifies their reputation as "hardcore arena rock destroyers". First press packaged in a gatefold sleeve, 300 on clear wax through mailorder or select stores.


Sunday, September 14, 2008

False Prophets, Full Fledged, Omegas

  • So, a fine fellow by the name of Ben Alvie posted some of his videos on the Livewire Message board and amongst the newest batch was a fine False Prophets video, which I will have to share with you now. That led me to the realization that there were other cool FP videos on youtube, one of which was from a show at Tin Pan Alley, which I'll be posting as well. Love me some False Prophets.

  • My friend Jesse saw the Full Fledged post from the last podcast and sent me over a picture. Ben (drummer) was also in the late, great No Contest and runs a bar in Brooklyn (280 Smith Street) called Great Harry with his brother (who, incidentally, put out the Bad Trip 7"). If I still lived there, this would be my new watering hole. Anyway, to the picture. It looks like it was taken at the Athletic Club in Wallington/ Wallingford.... (name escapes me), but for a while they put on some great shows there. Smaller bands, but great crowds.

  • Omegas posted a new song up on the myspace. It's called Gimme Oblivion and you can hear it here. Soon we'll finish the rest of the damn songs and you can here them. We're also playing October 11th at Sala Rossa in Montreal with Fucked Up, Statues, and D4. Come down and slam a skank.

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