Saturday, December 16, 2006

Socialcide- Sick of the Pressure demo

Socialcide is a young-ish new band from the Virginia Beach area. It seems that whole section of the east coast is a virtual hotbed of great hardcore bands, and the promise that Socialcide on their “Sick of the Pressure” demo shows is no exception. It’s got a raw sound, but just right for their style; the mix is great and the songs are quality enough to even have made for a good 7”. Lord knows I’ve heard enough full length CDs that sounded worse than this.
Musically, they’ve got a thrashy, early 7 Seconds-ish style, and throw in a good cover of home-town heroes White Cross into the mix. That’s a good point of reference because although the vocals have a clear, shouted delivery (not nearly as throaty as W.C.), they’re a bit more over-the-top and chaotic than 7 Seconds typically was, and White Cross’s grit definitely had an influence on them. In fact, this demo reminds me a lot of that first Fairfuck single some of you might remember from 10 years back (the first Kicknpunch Records release, which was later issued by Anton at Underestimated). What with some great labels popping up between DC and Raleigh, it’s just a matter of time until someone picks these kids up; I’m sure they’ll do a great 7”.
Socialcide on myspace

Culture Kids- 4 song demo

Culture Kids demo
Here’s a band from Cali I don’t know much about, but it was quite cool of them to send me a demo. The recording is a bit thin, and it sounds like it’s a live recording of a practice session. They picked some good performances, though, for this 4 song demo, as it’s about as tight as it needs to be in order to be convincing. I imagine a bit more experience will speed these songs up a bit, and a studio recording would yield some good results.
Right now, we’ve got some early Cali-style hardcore here, almost KBD-sounding stuff. Snotty vocals and simple, sped up punk songs; think early Redd Kross or Angry Samoans. That said, they’re definitely on the right track here: thumbs up! They must have some fun playing shows. I’m glad that we’re approaching 2007 and I’m hearing more hardcore demos that sound like that than inane metal-core or generic straight edge hardcore.
Culture Kids on myspace

Installments 2 and 3 of Dave K's NYHC history podcasts

So Dave Koenig over at Hardware did finished compiling his NYHC podcast. Below are the links for the final two installments
He did a really good job, especially on the 86-87 installment. You can tell these are the years he is most passionate about. Busted out some really great, rare and obscure stuff. Listen and consider yourself schooled. On a side note, in listening to these,I had to admit to myself that, though I can't quite stomach Bold, "Wise Up" is a pretty boss song.

Dave K's NYHC podcast 88-90
Dave K's NYHC podcast 86-87
Track List for Dave K's NYC Punk and Hardcore music history podcast years 1988-1990
Gorilla Biscuits - high hopes (7")
Raw Deal - wall of hate (1st demo)
Life's Blood - youth enrage (demo)
Krakdown - idle hands (live cbgb's 1988)
Bold - accept the blame (lp)
Beyond - one kind word (demo)
Judge - fed up (7")
Nausea - fallout of our being (TWIS comp)
Warzone - escape from your society (TWIS comp)
Gorilla Biscuits - better than you (TWIS comp)
Youth of Today - together (TWIS comp)
YDL - blue pride (TWIS comp)
Supertouch - searching for the light (TWIS comp)
Abombanation - something must be wrong (demo)
Burden of proof - throw that switch (12")
Outburst - think for yourself (demo)
SFA - once again (1st 7")
Krakdown - sick society (unreleased split with the NY hoods)
Project x - straight edge revenge (7")
Life's blood - catch our breath (7")
Side by Side - look back (7")
Youth of Today - no more (2nd Lp)
Absolution - take control (ep outtake)
Warzone -dance hard or die (2nd Lp)
Sick of it all - clobberin' time/pay the price (1st Lp)
Leeway - catholic high school (girls in trouble) (1st Lp)
Beyond - what awaits us (lp)
Breakdown -all i ask (WTWTA comp)
Life's Blood - reckoning force (WTWTA comp)
Raw Deal - brightside (2nd demo)
Madball - smell the bacon/discriminate me
Project x - bottled violence (live 1989)
Judge - take me away (lp)
Gorilla biscuits - start today (lp)
Maximum Penalty - be yourself (demo)
Our Gang - in anger (new breed comp)
Uppercut - am i clear? (new breed comp)
Breakdown - don't give up (new breed comp)
Discipline - we all learn (new breed comp)
Nausea - electrodes (murders amoung us comp)
Born Against - the good father
Citizens Arrest - paper cuts (demo)
Collapse - failure (demo)
Go! - why suffer? (7")
Rorschach - checkmate (demo)
the Icemen - no guts, no glory (7")
Sheer Terror - I, spoiler (live)

Track List for Dave K's NYC Punk and Hardcore music history podcast years 1986-1987
Sick of it all - just lies (demo)
Stillborn - personal trauma (1st demo)
Apple - peace is possible
Nausea - smash racism (demo)
NY Hoods - mirrors of reality (1st demo)
Ludichrist - only as directed
Leeway - enforcer (demo)
Cro-Mags - we gotta know
Agnostic Front - the eliminator
Murphy’s Law – iisa
Underdog - true blue (demo)
Straight Ahead - we stand (etw)
Straight Ahead - straight ahead (etw)
Straight Ahead - nothing song (live)
Youth of Today - stabbed in the back (ww mix)
Youth of Today - positive outlook (ww mix)
Sheer Terror - not giving up (demo)
Token Entry - antidote (lp version)
Token Entry - think about it (live)
Krakdown - we need change (demo)
Breakdown - sick people (demo)
Side by Side - you’re only young once (demo)
Bold - wise up
NY Hoods - slapped in the face (2nd demo)
Absolution - fall of a nation (demo)
Rest in Pieces - old greymare stomp/stark raving nude
SFA -gyroscope (demo)
Altercation - friends like these (demo)
Sick of it All - bullshit justice (7_)
Trip Six - sands of time (demo)
Underdog - back to back (wnyu carl singing)
Warzone - intro/as one (1987 demo)
Warzone - wound up (some records tape)
Warzone - don’t forget the struggle… (LP)
Youth of Today - expectations (don fury demo 1987)
Straight Ahead – breakaway

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Dave K's NYHC podcasts

My buddy Dave K over at Hardware Media is doing a series of podcasts on 1980's NYHC. The first one, covering '80-'85, is up and has some great tracks. Take a listen:

Dave K's NYHC '80-'85 podcast