Monday, January 12, 2009

Cheap Tragedies LP shipping!

So of course it took a little bit longer than expected/ hoped, but 1) still not so bad in hardcore time, and 2) everything turned out awesome. The Cheap Tragedies LPs are starting to ship now, and the pre-orders will be the first to go out. (If you pre-ordered, you'll get e-mail notification this week as well.) Below you'll find a picture of the clear vinyl (limited to 300), and the gatefold cover with the nice mug of Jane Fonda. And if you needed to still hear them by now, here's how:'tDeadYet.mp3

The screened covers the band made for their record release show were sold in a heartbeat. The band is getting their copies shortly (in transit now) and will have them for the next show in February for sure. Speaking of their record release show, here it was:

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