Monday, February 09, 2009

Some random bands: Sista Sekunden, Sexual Suicide, Brazen Hell, Vile Intent

Just a quick post today. Mainly with a few current bands you should check out.

  • First off, Sista Sekunden from Sweden. For some reason, I really dig this video.

  • Next up, a new band with some friends and former bandmates. Sexual Suicide playing as one of the "current"/ non-reunion bands (though Wendy was in Anti-christ Newsboys in the mid-80's) at the A7 reunion in NY this past December.

  • Then, finally, some bands from my current place of residence in the great white north. They're both of the heavier variety, and just released demos which you may want to check out.

    Brazen Hell is actually from Sherbrooke, a city about an hour outside of Montreal. They're a fairly new band, but as the members seem to have done the band-thing before for the most part, they took off with a running start. The singer Andrew also runs Vinyl Addict Records. You can buy the cassette version of the demo, or just download it here.

    Vile Intent are from Montreal proper, and actually formerly shared a practice space with the Omegas. They just released a little cassette of their own; you can stream some tracks from their website to check it out, and of course there's some info on how to get the piece of plastic with the magnetized tape itself.

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