Friday, January 25, 2008

MATW news '08: Cheap Tragedies LP + new webstore

I generally try to keep label business separate from this blog, but for the time being our website is out of commission as far as substantial updates. But we've got some exciting news to share for 2008, and I figured here's as good a place to put it as any. As you can read below, we'll be working on a site re-design shortly and that, along with my tackling Dreamweaver will finally mean regular updates to the MATW site!

First off, we're proud to announce that Cheap Tragedies will be releasing their debut LP on Mad at the World Records. Cleveland's troublemakers managed to start making a name for themselves on the basis of just a demo and the infamous Clevo-style ruckus which they already managed to bring to shows through-out the mid-west and east coast. With a CV that boasts some of the most respected hardcore bands of the last 2 decades (Face Value and 9 Shocks Terror to mention a few), it's not surprising. Their full length will follow up 7" releases on Livewire Records and High Anxiety 415 Records. CT start recording in the spring and the record is slated for a summer '08 release.
Cheap Tragedies on myspace

Mad at the World's webstore has greatly expanded to now include a full online mailorder, and carries releases from the likes of Grave Mistake, Criminal IQ, Deep Six, No Way, Profane Existence, Grand Theft Audio, Painkiller, and a whole number of international labels. Check out the store at

We're hoping to have a complete site redesign sometime before the spring hits. The current site design makes it hard to update and expand, so a new one is on the way. When we put it up, we'll make sure to expand the pages dramatically and put up information on all the bands, including archival stuff we have from Major Conflict, Urban Waste, the Nihilistics, and the Misguided.

Battletorn's- Terminal Dawn record will be out on CD version in February 2008. The gatefold LP version from summer '07 sold out in a matter of 4 months and won't be re-pressed. The CD version will have the Terminal Dawn LP + a remastered version of their '06 Burn Fast 7". In continuing with the whole over-before-you-know-it approach, the CD was pressed in a quantity of 500, so pick it up fast.

More NYHC reissues in the works!

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