Monday, September 22, 2008

Cheap Tragedies LP coming soon!!

All right people, it's coming soon. Here's a little sneak peak at the cover and a nice little description for you. Heads will roll....

Cheap Tragedies- Volume 1: Souvenirs and Evidence LP COMING SOON
Following hot on the heels of 7"s on Livewire Records and High Anxiety 416/ No Idea Records, Cheap Tragedies wastes no time in dropping an absolute rager of an LP. Comprised of some well-seasoned clevo vets, including a maniacal Tony Erba delivering his best vocal performance ever, they tear through 12 tracks of amped up, hardcore punk rock n roll on their debut Volume 1: Souvenirs and Evidence the way only Cleveland miscreants can. Recorded by Bill Korecky at Mars Studio (Face Value, Integrity, 9 Shocks Terror, Terror, etc), the sound is incendiary and justifies their reputation as "hardcore arena rock destroyers". First press packaged in a gatefold sleeve, 300 on clear wax through mailorder or select stores.



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