Thursday, June 19, 2008

Quick update! interview and NYHC vid content

A couple of quick updates:

  • Some months back I peeped a new blog done by this guy Rob (who's also in the band Brain Dead who've just release a split 7" on Montreal/ Sherbrooke label Vinyl Addict) called You Breed Like Rats that was pretty cool. After making my way back there a few times to read some of the interviews that popped up (a good mixture of new ones and reprints with Citizen's Arrest, Neanderthal, Wasted Time, Crossed Out, and more). When he posted one with the criminally underrated Failure Face, I momentarily considered packing it in with this blog, because he was more than representing the best of the hardcore crop that I'd like to. No sooner did that happen that he dropped me a line asking to interview me. I was stoked. Clearly I'm doing something right. Here's the result: Dan Scheme interview. I hope I made for a good read.

  • Here's a very entertaining video. A short, old documentary featuring some ace footage of Cause For Alarm at CB's and short chats with the likes of what seems to be Alex CFA and Robby Cryptcrasher.

  • More stuff to come.

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