Saturday, August 09, 2008

Agnostic Front & the "Psychos" at A7

This one has made its way around a little bit and is bound to become something of a minor internet sensation... amongst hardcore folks with computers at least. What we have here is some A7 footage-- the only I've ever seen to be honest, and has Agnostic Front performing one song, a good 5 minutes of setting up and banter, and some band playing a few covers beforehand.

To be quite honest, something like this is youtube's cultural significance right here. I don't know what's cooler about this video-- the prime-Victim in Pain line up with Dave Jones of Mental Abuse on drums, and Todd Youth (!!) on bass, the fact that it's got a good number of your NY hardcore-types front and center at A7, or the fact that the previous band is the "Psychos" (placed in scare quotes because it's not actually the Psychos (though perhaps members thereof), but a band fronted by Jimmy Gestapo playing the first 2 songs of the Void record, which does indeed make it even cooler).

A hearty thank you to the good person who threw this up on youtube, and a fellow by the name of Glen Gubernat, who unearthed this youtube nugget and placed it here.

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