Thursday, October 09, 2008

Borscht video.

  • My friend Wendy Eager of Guillotine recently told me she was very pleasantly surprised to have found a Borscht video on youtube. Borscht was always one of those real hard-to-find bands, that nevertheless some of the older heads talked rather fondly of, but I hadn't heard more but a few songs of. I had to see the video for myself. Some rather big coincidences here: first of all, Tim Broun (the good fellow with the blog here, and the guy responsible for helping get our MATW titles up on iTunes and all that) helped out with a digital transfer of the Borscht tape. The second, a rather sad one: Adam Nodelman was the bass player. Now, soon after Borscht Adam played for free jazz veterans Borbetomagus for a while, and played in Missing Foundation during their heyday. It was because of this that I knew him- on Hungry Eye we've been working on a Missing Foundation reissue for a whole bunch of years now. Adam jumped on board the project and was great to work with. He was a really passionate and interesting guy, and a lifelong musician, whose current band was Sunburned Hand of Man. He died at the end of August, just a few weeks before finding out he was in Borscht by finding this video. Had he still been alive, between mock ups and proofs of the Missing Foundation artwork, I'd have sent him an astonished email rapping about his old hardcore band! For now though, I can just pay tribute by sharing the video here:

  • On a lighter note, Wendy and Don of Guillotine have a new band they've been gigging around with called Sexual Suicide. Check them out!! Sexual Suicide's myspace
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    Hey Dan - thanks for posting this. Borscht and my first band, Chappaquiddick +5, were sort of brother bands from Nyack back in 1983/84. We were buddies with Kraut as well as Jack Rabid. At some point, I may post MP3's of both bands on my blog - if I do I'll let you know.

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