Saturday, March 08, 2008

BREAKDOWN on youtube, + SHEER TERROR, and the ICEMEN

I do regret having to refer to a conversation on a message board for this post, but some months back, Mike Scondotto or Inhuman fame spoke about Breakdown as a band that was "cool to like" and wear their shirts, but not actually cool to go see. Of course, this was in no way a dig at Yonker's best exports. I can't speak to Breakdown's heyday shows circa demo-era. However, '96 through '98 Breakdown was in top form and a lot of those shows (in NY at least) were half empty. No matter, they were still some of the best shows I've been to at that time.

This show popped up on youtube in the past few months, and it seems like Larry Susi (ex-Breakdown bass, then Sub Zero & Crusade bassist) put them up. I remember this particular show at the Wetlands on March 31st, 1996. At this show, Merauder had both Jorge and Minus singing with them for a special show. I remember being so incredibly excited for this show. Here's the kicker, though: it was a Sunday night, and I had something to important to do at school I had to do early the next morning. My folks were typically quite cool about my going out to shows, but I knew this one would give me static given the circumstances. I had to concoct some story to be able to do it. I felt shitty, but fuck, it was Breakdown. 12 years later, I still remember this show vividly.

You'll notice it's pretty much half empty, but people's enthusiasm more than made up for it. I still have the purple hoodie I was wearing in this video.

It's old news by now, but the late great label Blackout Records is no longer. Bill Wilson's given up with putting out new records on Blackout and is dedicating his efforts to documenting the label's legacy on their new blog. Well, I wish the man all the luck in his future endeavors, and I applaud him on recognizing a good time to hang it all up. Blackout will remain a quintessential NYHC label and won't linger in an incredibly awkward period a lot of long time hc labels go through.

Here's a great reason to make it out to their blog. The Sheer Terror documentary in its entirety is available to watch. Good stuff.

This has become a real late 80's NYHC post. Moreover, all 3 parts of this post are somehow related to Blackout Records. With this last one, I want to point you in the direction of an interview on Lifers Montreal with Marco of the Icemen. It's quite a good one, and you don't hear from those dudes too often. Check it out!

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Anonymous Mike Inhuman said...

Great post!

I stand by what I said about BREAKDOWN though. Add LEEWAY to this "list" as well. Everyone loves you whne your gone!


8:03 AM  
Blogger danscheme said...

Thanks Mike....

I'm agreeing with you though. With that show specifically... place was bumping during Merauder and Crown of Thornz, and by the time Breakdown came on, half the place broke out, and Breakdown proceeded to kick ass for all the folks who stuck around.


8:19 AM  

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