Sunday, November 11, 2007

the Black Dot in Montreal

This will be a short little post dedicated to help "getting the word out" about a cool new project happening in Montreal by a couple of dedicated music heads. Last night was the official opening night of the Black Dot on St Laurent, located in the space left by le Local (and I swear that a record store was here some years ago that I got a Venus and the Razor Blades 12" and some Suzi Quatro LPs on a visit to Montreal some years ago). It's basically a loft space that is undergoing some renovations so that is can house exhibitions, parties, shows, what have you. Last night was a bit of a celebratory party with a bunch of bands playing covers for shits and giggles. Plenty of beer was flowing, the place was packed, and it was a pretty damn good time. You can see some footage of this on DanEdge's Society Suckers blog and be sure to check that blog as well as the Size Em Up website for details as it seems like there will be cool shit going down at this place in the months to come.


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