Thursday, August 23, 2007

Track list for podcast #2

So, I held off on giving the track listing for this last episode of the podcast. It was a little experiment to see if it would have any effect on how many listeners the podcast got. I thought perhaps more people would give it a listen if they would be surprised and didn't know what songs to expect.

Did it work? Well, many more people listened to this second podcast than the first one. CLEARLY, this was because of the lack of the track listing. But I will no longer keep those people who who might want a textual reference to the songs played in the last podcast. They were:

1. YDi- Mad at the World
2. Negative FX- Mind Control
3. Outpatients- Land of the Lost
4. Out Cold- You'll Never Learn

5. Coptic Times- High Strung (live on the radio)
6. Double 0- You've Lost
7. Cynic 19- Out of Control (intro)/ Mercy
8. the Krayz- Believe

9. Altercation- Vigilante Song
10. Abombanation- Something Must be Wrong
11. the Arsons- Not Kosher (Abombanation cover)

12. the Sonics- Strychnine
13. the Undertones- Teenage Kicks
14. No Hope for the Kids- Rainy Day

And if you want to listen again, you can do so HERE.


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