Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Dan Scheme's podcast #THREE!!!

Here it is people. This time with tracklist! Podcast number 3

1. Government Warning- Arrested
2. Scream- It Came Without Warning
3. White Cross- Jump Up My Ass Part 1

3. Leeway- Be Loud
4. the Misguided- They Take Your Money
5. Yuppicide- True Love
6. Battletorn- Remember

7. Cheap Tragedies- the Target Shoots Back
8. Septic Death- A Child
9. Necros- Police Brutality

10. the Monks- Complications
11. the Flesheaters- See in the Boneyard
12. Government Issue- Hall of Fame (live)
13. Motorhead- Overkill

Since Government Warning starts off the podcast.... anyone seen the nasty review they got in the pages of the last issue of Vice? It might be only the Canadian version... Anyway, ouch! After seeing some great reviews of Career Suicide, Fucked Up, Battletorn, Mind Eraser, and Cut the Shit in the past year or two (most of those were probably written by Artie Philly), I would have almost guessed those guys are hip to the newer hardcore bands. Guess not. More likely than not though, it's just Vice simply doing what they made a killing doing in the past 10 years-- ripping into people for no reason and motivating a select group of other people to think very highly of themselves. I doubt Gov't Warning is going to lose any sleep over it.


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